Support the Youth Organizing Institute

 Recent NC Election Results Keeping you Awake at Night?

Then invest in North Carolina’s Next Generation of Advocates to help you sleep better.

 The Super Majorities in BOTH houses of NC Legislature AND the Governor’s Office on a “MISSION FROM THE POPE” (Art) to cut back & privatize public education in NC – to roll back the progressive movement’s gains and our shared social safety net that will overwhelmingly impact the opportunities & futures for low income & working class youth – particularly immigrant youth & youth of color.

Every year, our school budgets shrink while our prison budgets grow!


As a Holiday Gift To Yourself & the future of North Carolina


We know what’s coming – we need to be ready to defend our future – and we need to make sure our young people have the tools & resources they need to organize & push-back against push-out.

To Call for a MORATORIUM on Out of School Suspensions

To Just Say No to Privatization

To Put the Brakes on the School to Prison Pipeline

Now more than ever we need young people who think critically about the way their schools and governments are being run, and empower them with the tools to organize & implement their creative solutions!

In 2013, the Youth Organizing Institute (YOI) will turn 4 years old.  We are a popular education leadership development program for high school students.  We provide trainings on the root causes of injustice, how those root causes are manifested in policies that affect our lives, and how organizing can create change.  In the past 3 years, over 50 Triangle teens have participated in our trainings, and we have helped to mobilize hundreds of young people.

We support youth-led organizations like NC HEAT (North Carolina Heroes Emerging Among Teens) and young people organizing in their schools with Gay Straight Alliances and other groups.  We are committed to building bridges between young people, adults, and elders.

Funds donated will help us:

  • Organize against impending austerity measures, particularly against schools and teachers and push-back against privatization,
  • Put on a North Carolina teen activist convening in February to build up our networks of high school groups, focusing on building bridges among their communities,
  • Build our bilingual capacity through interpreting equipment and making our events, meetings, and mobilizations multi-lingual,
  • Develop peer education around the school-to-prison pipeline and school push-out,
  • Launch a campaign for a Moratorium on out of-school suspensions.

Become a monthly sustainer or give for youth liberation here


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