Spring Training a Success!


On April 14th the Youth Organizing Institute held a spring training. Former and new participates of the YOI came together to build upon previous knowledge, share skills, and meet new people. The participants had the opportunity to share with each other and engage in meaningful conversation about current political topics.

Events from the day included a canvassing training from Jobs with Justice where participants were able to role play canvassing about Art Pope. These skills were then put into practice when students went to a rally about coal in downtown Raleigh. A picture from this event is above.

A workshop by Spirithouse focused on the prison industrial complex. This allowed the students to role play different situations people may experience, teaching participates the about the prison system.

In addition to workshops, participants had lunch and a political conversation about Trayvon Martin and the impacts of racial profiling in America. The last workshop of the day was put on by the Sacrificial Poets This focused on the role spoken word and art can have in creating social change. The youth were able to write and share their own spoken word pieces about meaningful experiences in their life. The spring training was a full day of youth empowerment and a great leeway into the work that will go on into the summer.


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