NC HEAT & the Youth Organizing Institute to Hold Fall Organizing Training for Wake High School Students on November 20

To continue to build youth leadership in to fight for just and equitable schools, NC HEAT and the Youth Organizing Institute will be holding a day-long Fall Training Institute at the YWCA in Raleigh on Saturday, November 20.

Throughout the school year NC HEAT has been working to build chapters at a number of Wake County high schools. There have been many students who have begun to work with NC HEAT and who participated in the October 7 Day of Action to Defend Education. Through the training day we hope to deepen our understanding and commitment to the work that we’re involved in and engage in a strategic planning session to lay out our campaigns for next semester.

The day-long training will be held at the YWCA in Raleigh. It will consist of four parts, beginning with an anti-oppression training to gain a better understanding of the broader social systems of power. We will learn more about the history of our movement and the legacy that we are carrying on with a workshop on the Civil Rights movement, specifically the role of young people in creating the historic change that was ushered in by the Civil Rights Movement. Building off the trainings from the summer and this fall, there will be a media training to equip students with the skills to talk to and work with the media. Finally, we’ll end the day with a strategic planning workshop to build creative and thoughtful organizing campaigns for the new year — to keep putting the HEAT on the school board and raise the temperature for more just and equitable schools.


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